The word "Visa" is derieved from the latin Charta Visa which means "paper that has been seen". The visa is an indication that the person had been authorised to the issuing country subject some pre defined set of rules and permissions at the time of issuing.

The Visa can be in the form of "Documentation" or just a stamp on the the applicant's passport. Some countries does not require visa for citizens of the certain countries based on reciprocal treaty arrangements. But the countries issuing Visa give visa under many terms and conditions like validity of visa , right to revoke visa anytime etc

A visa does not generally gives the person rights beyond the right to enter the country and remain there as a national (except in case of immigrant visa). Some other cases need special permit visa like residency permit or work permit.

Following are the different kinds of visa issued by almost all nations.

  • Immigrant visa
  • Marriage visa
  • Journalist visa
  • Courtesy visa
  • Diplomatic visa
  • Working holiday visa
  • Student visa
  • Spousal visa or Partner visa
  • On-arrival visa
  • Temporary worker visa
  • Business visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Transit visa

A visa may be denied for a number of reasons, some of which being that the applicant:

  • is considered to be a security risk
  • does not have a good moral character
  • has committed fraud or misrepresentation in his or her application
  • has a criminal record or has criminal charges pending
  • has a passport that expires too soon
  • that the reasons for the previous denials no longer exist or are not
  • is applying on excessively short notice
  • cannot prove to have strong ties to their current country of residence
  • if not applying for an immigrant or work visa respectively
  • non-existent relations
  • and the duration of stay
  • has no visible means of sustenance
  • destination country
  • does not have a health/travel insurance valid for the destination
  • intends to reside or work permanently in the country she/he will visit
  • had their previous visa application(s) rejected and cannot prove
  • does not have travel arrangements (i.e. transport and lodging) in the
  • applicable anymore
  • does not have a legitimate reason for the journey
  • is a citizen of a country with whom the host country has poor or
  • has a communicable disease, such as tuberculosis
  • didn't use a previously issued visa at all without a valid reason (e.g. a trip cancellation due to a family emergency)
  • has previous visa/immigration violations
  • fails to demonstrate intent to return (for non-immigrants)