A passport is a document which the home country issues as a certificate to the holder which certifies for the purpose of international travel, the nationality and identity of it's holder.
The most congruent elements of the 'Identity' in the passport are Name, Sex , Date of birth , Place of birth and most often citizenship and nationality.

A passport itself is not the document which gives the holder the right to visit the foreign country nor to consular protection while abroad or any other privileges in the absence of any such special agreement between the two countries. Passport is just giving the rights to the holder to return to the issuing country.

Types of Passport

There are different types of passport issued by the country, they are

  • Ordinary Passport : Generally called the Tourist Passport and is issued to the ordinary citizens of the country
  • Official Passport : Also known as the Service Passports. Issued to the Govt. employees for work related travel and to accompany dependants
  • Diplomatic Passport : Issued to diplomats of the issuing country for work related travel
  • Emergency passport, also called Temporary passport
  • Collective passport
  • Family passport
  • Internal passport
  • Camouflage and Fantasy Passports : It is a passport issued under a name of fake country i.e the country that either doesnot exist or no longer in existance. The companies making Camouflage passport claim that these can be shown to terrorists in case of a hijack to aid escape