• Go With the Flow
    Try to be in the place where all tourists are going. Separating or going to a remote place can cause problems in case of emergencies
  • Adapt to the culture you are in
    Adapting to a culture you are in helps you enjoy your place even better, and helps you understand the cultural diversity
  • Have your Travel Authorization prepared before your travel begins.
    Get all your papers and other documents ready before your travels start.
  • Stay in hotels/motels with fire safety equipments in place.
    Fire safety is one of the most special kind of requirement that the hotel/motel should have as it can save your life
  • Keep your papers/visa ready in case authorities want to inspect them.
    Always keep your papers/visa in such a place from where you can easily take them out and show them to authorities if needed.
  • Do keep a Photocopy of all the important documents with you. (including tickets) In case some important document is missing then the photocopy can help you prove that you had that document. This will not always help but it can save from getting into trouble whenever possible.
  • Respect all cultures and religions while travelling.
    Respecting cultures is important as if you show disrespect to any culture then that will surely lead you into trouble while travelling
  • DON'Ts

    • Don't Over pack
      Over packing can lead to carrying extra baggage with you. Which can cause un-necessary problems.
    • don't over plan
      Over Planning means that you make your schedule so hectic that you don't even get time to rest in between. So don't over burden yourself and enjoy the travel
    • Don't withdraw cash from ATM card 2 days before the trip or when you are not on Government approved travel.
      This is a special case, if you withdraw money and by chance it got misplaced then it can cause problems for you. Or if you are in an un-authorized travel then you might be tracked by government
    • Don't buy anything illegal on your trip
      Buying illegal this can cause you a lot of problems as you are not at your hometown and thus you can not get help if you got caught.
    • Don't get lured by the shopping bargains on Road.
      Street seller usually sells either illegal stuff or a low quality stuff with no security issues
    • Don't do anything against the Law of the land.
      Always abide the laws of the land.